Welcome to Bronzeoak Philippines

Established in 2003, Bronzeoak Philippines (BP) is a leader in the development and implementation of renewable energy projects in the Philippines, working with a range of local and international partners and investors for its projects. In the year 2006, Bronzeoak inaugurated the first integrated sugarcane, ethanol and power cogeneration plant in Asia located on Negros Island, Philippines. To date, San Carlos Bioenergy has been capable of an annual production of 40 million liters of fuel ethanol, 40 million kilograms of sugar syrup and 60 million kW hours of renewable electricity.
Since 2010, BP has been working to expand on this experience by developing four new power plants to help achieve the country’s goals of energy independence and sustainable development. April of 2013 marked the groundbreaking construction of San Carlos BioPower, Inc. (“SC BioPower”), a new 19.99 megawatt (“MW”) biomass power plant in the San Carlos Agro‐Industrial Economic Zone on the eastern coast of Negros Occidental, Philippines.   Scheduled to start operation in late 2015 the new SCBioPower plant will provide 140 million KW hours per year to the grid. By 2014, Bronzeoak will begin construction under the company name of South Negros BioPower, Inc  on a similar, but larger 25MW power plant in La Carlota City, Negros Occidental providing 175 million KW hours to the grid by early 2016. Thereafter, a similar power plant under the company name of North Negros BioPower, Inc. will be built in the Municipality of Manapla, Negros Occidental, taking Bronzeoak’s total output capacity to nearly 70MW of biomass power. In total, Bronzeoak’s projects will be delivering over 700 million KW hours to the Philippines’ grid to meet the growing demand for power amidst the country's economic resurgence. Outside the factory, BP works with the same dedication to develop, improve and sustain biomass feedstock and fuels, as they do to provide fuel logistics, storage and infrastructure solutions. Supplemental activities are also being developed to sustain continuous operation and minimize their risks by: improving and sustaining biomass feedstock, fuels, fuel logistics, storage and infrastructure solutions.
In 2012, BP expanded beyond its traditional niche in the biomass sector to pursue opportunities in other renewable technologies, and in September of 2013, began construction on the country's first utility scale solar farm, a 22MW facility that currently delivers over 35 million KW hours to the grid.

Harnessing the solar potential in San Carlos is an important step in providing more reliable and clean energy to the community. Bronzeoak Philippines benefits from a well-positioned status as a leading clean energy company in the 21st Century. Being a 100% Filipino company, its reputation gives it the momentum to see all its projects to completion. In fact, Bronzeoak Philippines’ portfolio covers many accomplishments in various fields: project development, site identification, design conceptualization, sustainability planning, securing investment capital, technical design, contractor bidding and selection processes among others. This recognition has allowed the company to effectively manage challenges within the industry, thereby achieving quick results.