Welcome to Bronzeoak Philippines

Established in 2003, Bronzeoak Philippines (BP) is a leader in the development and implementation of renewable energy projects in the Philippines. With a background in agribusiness and land development, BP has established its expertise in biofuel, biomass and solar energy technologies. Headquartered in the Philippines, BP works with local, regional and international partners to help achieve the nation's goal of energy independence.

The company is a dynamic, innovative enterprise that has been a pioneer in harnessing indigenous resources to create power. In 2006, BP began construction on the first integrated sugarcane, ethanol and power cogeneration plant in Asia. To date, San Carlos BioEnergy, Inc. ("SCBI") has been capable of an annual production of 40 million litres of fuel ethanol, 40 million kilograms of sugar syrup and 60 million kW hours of sustainable electricity.

BP has also initiated construction of San Carlos BioPower, Inc. (“SC BioPower”), a new biomass power plant in the San Carlos Agro‐Industrial Economic Zone on the eastern coast of the island of Negros. The new SCBioPower plant will provide 140 million kW hours per year to the grid. A similar biomass plant is planned for La Carlota City, Negros Occidental with the goal of providing an additional 175 million kW hours to the grid. BP is currently expanding its biomass portfolio to include North Negros BioPower, Inc. in the Municipality of Manapla, taking Bronzeoak’s total output capacity to nearly 70 MW of biomass power.

In 2012, BP expanded beyond its traditional niche in the biomass sector to pursue opportunities in other renewable technologies, and, in September of 2013, began construction on the country's first utility scale solar farm, a 22 MW facility that currently delivers over 35 million kW hours to the grid. Since its commissioning, San Carlos Solar Energy ("SaCaSol") has received significant accolades throughout the industry. Named Green Company of the Year at the Asia CEO Awards for 2014 and a Solar Power Project of the Year at the Asian Power Awards 2014, SaCaSol has paved the way for solar energy in the Philippines.  An expansion of the solar park is currently underway, scheduled to bring the total capacity to 45 MW. Furthermore, SaCaSol II (32 MW) and III (33 MW) are also under construction on Negros to help meet the country's target of 500 MW of solar power by 2016. In addition, two other sites have been selected for installations totaling 80 MW, bringing BP's solar portfolio to 190 MW.

By producing clean electricity from indigenous raw materials, Bronzeoak is creating job opportunities, supporting rural communities, and helping achieve the Philippine government's energy security objectives. To extend its philanthropic mission, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to electrify off-grid schools has been implemented by the company. On par with other leaders in clean energy development, award winning Bronzeoak Philippines will continue to improve the nation's energy infrastructure well into the future.