Our development process begins with the identification of a project site where a project can be established to supply a specific market. Its approach is total, both in agricultural terms - from the soil to the plants to be grown - and in industrial terms - from the crushing to the final delivery of fuel or power. It brings together specialized companies and personnel from different fields and disciplines and manages their integration into what will eventually become an agro-energy production facility with a reliable source of feedstock and access to end markets.

Projects undergo a thorough process of conceptualization and consultation before a business plan is put forward to our Board and our business partners. The final design, commercial and financial structure is tailor-fit to every site so as to optimize every project's potential. The consultation process is not limited to the interests of the project proponent, but includes thorough planning for sustainability and consultation with the local government, the community, and prospective suppliers. This is envisioned to accelerate the project's development process, after which proper licensing and documentation from various government agencies are secured.

The technical design and bidding and selection process for suppliers and contractors is part of our process, ensuring stringent time and quality standards. And finally, comprehensive commercial agreements are completed covering all aspects of the project's construction and future operations so as to successfully prepare and secure a financial package of equity and debt ideally suited to each project.

Upon completion of development and the achievement of financial close, we can oversee construction, set up the operations protocols, hire and install an operations team, and thereafter are able to provide executive or management services for the factory and business depending on the needs of the specific project.